The McCains- The Next Big Adventure

I've known Kelsey and Jeremy well before they were Kelsey and Jeremy. When Jeremy was still the big dreamer, skater and painter in high school and Kelsey was the joyful, energetic, troublemaker always hanging out with her best friend (my sister, Amanda). Years later, these two would cross paths at one of the most unlikely of places, Grandma's 75th birthday party. Jeremy came out to save the day, as our resident tech geek, and got the slideshow back up and running. They met that afternoon and the rest is history. I've since seen them go on epic treks across the world, got in deep discussions with them during marriage counseling, had the honor of attending their wedding (which my hubs officiated) and watched them become parents. And their adventure is only just beginning... Next up- double diaper duty, as they are expecting twins in April!