Instructor: Click Away 2020

Color Outside the Lines: Creating Compelling Childhood Imagery

Take your images to a new level by enhancing your use of perspective and composition! Melissa will walk you through her thought process when photographing children that includes finding new ways to tell a compelling story. She will breakdown the power of perspective and how you can utilize it to elevate your art. Melissa will demonstrate how lens choices can alter overall composition and feeling in an image. Class will take place at the Noguchi Playscape in Piedmont Park with school aged siblings acting as models. Participants are welcome to shoot alongside after instructor demonstration is complete. Bringing a camera with both a wide angle and a telephoto lens is recommended. Melissa will be shooting with a 15mm, 35mm and 85mm lens. Creative lenses/shooting styles will be discussed. Students should be comfortable shooting in manual mode.

Helicopter Mom: Drone Photography with Children

Put your big camera down and take flight! Elevate your photography to new heights and learn to capture childhood from a completely new perspective! Join Melissa for a drone childhood photo session, where you will strengthen your storytelling skills and find exciting ways to bring childhood moments to life from above. While the drone may alter visual perspectives, fundamental photographic elements (such as composition, color, movement, light and storytelling) still apply to your work. Melissa will teach you how to both diligently plan for these components & incorporate childhood play around them, so you can create the strongest images possible. Join Melissa at Piedmont Park, where she will demonstrate basic drone flight skills, camera functionality and settings options. Two school aged children will be modeling and the class will be demonstration only. Time will be allocated at the end of class for instructor to assist participants with drone flight and shooting techniques. No prior drone experience necessary.