Instructor: Click Away 2019

Free to Explore: Telling the Carefree Stories of Childhood

What if we photographed children just as they are, as the adventurous, curious, free spirits that so many of us wish we could be again. The stories of childhood are priceless and it’s our job to preserve them as authentically as possible. Join me as I run a carefree, hands-on, outdoor session with some adorable preschool and school-aged siblings. Whether playing in the water, flying kites, building in the sand, or climbing around a play structure, you will focus on capturing both the authentic moments of children at play and the connections they have with their siblings. I will show you the shooting techniques I use to capture great moments during a fast-paced session with kids. I’ll teach you how I expose quickly in a variety of lighting situations. I will share how I am able to quickly focus in a fast-paced session, and what settings I use to increase the accuracy of shots so that I never misses a moment. You'll cover lens & perspective choices, and utilize framing, layering, & lines to to help create stronger imagery. Finally, I will cover creative compositions and how to capture beautiful environmental portraits. Between shooting demonstrations and explanations, participants will be invited to shoot along with me and practice the settings and perspectives I suggest, as well as contribute their own ideas!