Grayson's 6th Birthday- June 2016

I'm finally getting a chance to dig through my photo archives and will be periodically blogging from them. Considering my son is now six-and-a-half (the half matters!), I figured I should probably get his birthday party posted before he turns seven, haha! 

This was our first venture into the world of "sleep over" parties. And let me say, despite the expected lack of sleep that we endured, it was one of the best parties we've ever had. Because the kids where there all night, there was no real time line or agenda to follow which made it oh-so relaxing. We just let them play and as long as all the festivities were completed by morning, then we were good. It was a fun filled evening complete with swimming, trampoline battles, chicken catching, cake, a night hike, presents, the Angry Birds movie, and lots and lots of fart jokes. What more could you ask for as a six year old boy?